Thursday, August 8, 2013

[A NOVICE TUTORIAL] Forwarding mails from NITR Webmail to Primary Mail Account (Gmail/Yahoo/Rediff)

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It is very tedious job to check all your mail ids gmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail, etc. and also NIT Webmail etc. Here is a simple tutorial how to forward all your mails in NIT Webmail to your gmail account, so that you don't need to check every time your NIT mails and you don't miss any important updates from institute.

1. Login to your NIT Webmail.

2. After login Click on Preferences.

3. Then click on Mail.

4. Enter your Primary mail id (Gmail/Yahoo/rediff) under "Forward a copy to". (Where u want to receive your NIT mails)

5. Then click on save. (Top left)

--------------------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------------