Monday, September 30, 2013

[Advanced Tutorial] How to download Torrent using IDM?

After lot of research at last found one way to download torrent. As all of you know torrent is blocked in our institute and also many torrent to direct download websites are also blocked like our favorite is also blocked. This is so simple to download a torrent file and convert it to direct download link. Then download that direct download link using IDM.


1. Download a torrent file from torrent website. Many torrent sites are blocked by the institute firewall still you can get many torrent sites. Google it out.

2. After you download the torrent file go to -> boxopus


3. Create an account in the website or log in through Facebook.

4. Click on browse to add a .torrent file and click on start download. Then boxopus will start downloading your file to their server.


5. After some time or few hours (depending on their server load) it will say status is complete.


6. Then you can download the files using IDM.

NJOY !!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

[A NOVICE TUTORIAL] How to install and Configure DC++ ???

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I know all knows about this, but still some newcomers of our institute don't know, what is DC++ and how to install and configure DC++ in their PC.

Motivating all new students :
"DC++" is a file sharing software. File sharing ?? File sharing means anything that you can download from your friends computer without a pen drive but you need a LAN or WiFi connection (No Internet connection required). You can download and share files like Movies, Songs, Photos.

This is a simple tutorial. Not all the functionality of DC++ is covered. Let's start !!

So how to use this amazing service??


1. Download a software DC++.

2. Install it on your computer. Then open it.
You can see a screen like this. If not go to File->Setting. Fill all your personal information. (Real/ Fake depends on you.)

 photo PersonalInfo_zps840218a4.png

3. Then go to file -> setting. Click on Sharing. Click on Add Folder.

 photo share_zpsc5f16040.png

4. Add some folders which you want to share like Movies, Videos, Documents, Softwares, Mp3, anything that you want to share with your friend. (Warning: Don't share any personal files!!)

5. Then Click 'OK'. Then indexing will start. That means your files are going to be shared now.

6. You can view the progress of sharing your file by going to view->Indexing Progress.

6. Now Click on  File --> Quick Connect . Enter IP Address to connect to the centralised hub.

7. Now if you want to download a movie called "Satyagraha", then go to View --> Search and input your file name i.e. "Satyagraha" in the search bar. You will get some result. Right click on any one file and download.
 photo search_zps6e555a8e.png

8. There are many more functionality of DC++. You will come to know gradually.