Monday, September 30, 2013

[Advanced Tutorial] How to download Torrent using IDM?

After lot of research at last found one way to download torrent. As all of you know torrent is blocked in our institute and also many torrent to direct download websites are also blocked like our favorite is also blocked. This is so simple to download a torrent file and convert it to direct download link. Then download that direct download link using IDM.


1. Download a torrent file from torrent website. Many torrent sites are blocked by the institute firewall still you can get many torrent sites. Google it out.

2. After you download the torrent file go to -> boxopus


3. Create an account in the website or log in through Facebook.

4. Click on browse to add a .torrent file and click on start download. Then boxopus will start downloading your file to their server.


5. After some time or few hours (depending on their server load) it will say status is complete.


6. Then you can download the files using IDM.

NJOY !!!